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    (film/video maker, independent music editor or video game producer). You as a
    general creator (film/video maker, independent music editor or video game
    producer) do not pay for the public performance fee either *** (see explanation

  • You may use our audio tracks or music from this website for personal purposes or for
    profit by incorporating it into your project, film, video, radio/tv commercial,
    presentation, background music, as long as it is used it in compliance with this EULA.

  • Music materials downloaded directly from this site are exempt from the following
    fees: download purchase fee, membership fee, per use in your projects fee,
    mechanical license fee, synchronization license fee, master recording use license fee,
    time limitations fee.

  • If you use our audio and/or music material or incorporate it into your works, you will
    credit this website (www.FreeRoyaltyFreeMusic.net) and give the composer and/or
    artist(s) full credit. Only the versions of materials from this website are covered by
    this license. Other versions may be available on other websites under slightly
    different conditions.

  • You cannot resell, distribute or offer any of our material for downloads as your own
    standalone product or as a part of a larger collection.

  • You do not and will not own copyrights to our material.

  • We are not liable for anything if you use or download our audio tracks/music. You
    are responsible for your equipment and we do recommend scanning any downloads
    for malicious files, viruses, etc.

  • The content on this site is not copyright free and it is not in public domain. Music is
    protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. FreeRoyaltyFreeMusic.net
    or its suppliers own the title, copyright, and other intellectual property rights.

  • If you incorporate the content in your works and decide to publish it or copyright your
    final product, you must include the name of the composer/artist(s) whose music you
    have used in your product/creation.

  • *** Regarding the public performance fee: This fee only applies to mass media
    outlets (such as TV and radio stations), public performance venues (such as clubs,
    theme parks, circuses), as they are all required to submit cue sheets or play lists to
    PROs (Performance Rights Organizations such as are ASCAP, BMI), Many of them
    (TV, radio, mass media outlets,  satellite subscription services, non-interactive web-
    casters, and satellite radio stations) are covered by blanket licenses with PROs. It is
    just a matter of crediting the right person (composer and/or artist) when you use our
    music. Restaurants and bars pay flat fee and are not surveyed for detailed play-lists.
    That's why it is important to credit the correct person in your works whenever
    possible. Please give credit where credit is due.

  • If you are a member of the public performance media, such as are TV & radio
    stations, clubs and such, and use this material publicly (broadcast in TV, radio
    programming, public-web radio streaming (meaning no interaction with end user),
    you must report it to the composer's and/or artist's (mostly one person) Performance
    Rights organizations (such as ASCAP, BMI, or others), if the composer/artist is a
    member of such organization. (This does not apply to the general creator, film,
    video or movie maker, independent editor, video game maker. TV, Radio, public
    space owner are required to report the authors of works such as artist or composers.
    They just report the names of authors, composers, artists you credit in your

  • This license agreement is not transferable.

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